A Word From Pastor Andrea

We are excited to be reopening in-person worship starting June 14 at 8:45 and 10:30am!

We will still be online every Sunday at www.facebook.com/claycenterumc both 8:45 and 10:30, or any time later for the replay of each service for those who are sick, out of town, or just not ready to come back to in-person worship yet.

I ask that if you can, please wear a mask when inside the building and around other people as an act of care for one another, as wearing masks has been proven to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Wearing a mask protects others from you, as the coronavirus can be spread by asymptomatic persons, so thank you for wearing one to show your love to each other and to the world around us as God has called us to do.

We will be asking people to please use their best judgment about attending in-person, and please follow social distancing while together. We all have different levels of comfort in this time, and we thank you for respecting other people’s comfort levels.

Pastor Andrea