A Word From Pastor Andrea

We have so much going on in the life of the church as we come into fall – and I’m excited!

We are kicking off our annual stewardship campaign this month, where we remember that all we have comes to us as a gift from God and we are given an opportunity to pledge to give back to God a portion of what we have, both of our earnings and of our time and talents.

We are also launching a small Capital Campaign project to update some of our church technology for our video ministry. I’ve learned that our video ministry is over 40 years old now, and it has gone through many changes over the years. Technology has changed so much since this ministry started and continues to change and adapt regularly. Our church was on the cutting edge of video ministry, reaching out to people who can’t attend in person for one reason or another and keeping our members connected when they are nearby or far away. It is time for another update of that system, and unfortunately, the items we need aren’t cheap. We are so blessed to have volunteers who are capable of doing the work for us, so we only have to pay for the cost of the items we need.

Speaking of amazing volunteers, we could use some fresh faces in our video ministry department. Al Kirtley, leader of our tech and video ministries, is happy to train new volunteers to keep the ministry going for many more years to come.

I’m also part of a team meeting every other week with a coach to learn about what our R360 survey results mean for CCUMC. We are working diligently to unpack the vast quantities of information the survey gathered, and to come up with a plan for helping our church become even stronger than we are now. Thank you all for your participation in the survey, and for your patience as we work and plan.

We also have all of our usual fall ministries starting up again, and I’m excited to see the building full of people most days of the week as we seek to be the hands and feet of Christ for the world.